Compliance& Audit

GreyDetect’s Universal Compliance tool will assess your current Cybersecurity status against numerous compliance standards such as ISO27001, NIST CSF, ISO22301. GDPR, PIPEDA, CC.ITSG-33, NIST 800-53, SOC2.

The outcome will a clear result of your current cyber maturity status and a related roadmap for you on how to achieve your compliance goals.

SOC Assessments

Our SOC assessment Service is a an intense review of following capabilities:

-SOC Operations
-Team /Resource Capabilitie
-SIEM capabilities and config
-Use Case Assessment
-Threat hunting capabilities
-SOAR capabilities
-Incident response Capabilities

Standards used:

Privacy ImpactAssessment

Our PIA methodology identifying and assessing privacy risks of your services,products or processes. Our assessment shall assessment and identify the gaps in your compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Based on the assessment a tailored report shall be provided with detail results and recommendations.

Standard Implementation

GreyDetect’s team of experts can can help your organization implement following standards:

-ISO 27001
-ISO 23001
-ISO 20000

CyberSecurity Services

Governance & Privacy

These services aim to help you establish you Cyber Security Program and find the risks you have and mitigate them. We offer several services under this stream tailored to your meet your business and cyber security requirements.

Technical Assessment

These services are geared towards assessing and maturing your current cyber security defenses and offense methods. GreyDetect would assess your cloud and on Prem applications, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data in order to assure they are well protected against malicious attacks

Professional Services

Our Professional Service bench includes top level product specialists for all contemporary bestof-breed Cybersecurity products. Our specialized experts shall support and address any ongoing support or maintenance activity required in most time effective manner