Cyber Security Solutions Services

GreyDetect’s Professional Services offers a full range of end-to-end services to design, implement, integrate, automate and optimize various cyber security solutions.

We provide professional Service for:

• IDAM Solution
• Deception Technologies
• SIEM. TIP & SOAR Solution
• Next Gen Firewall
• DLP Solutions
• End Point Detection and response

Advanced SOC Services

GreyDetect’s Professional team offers advanced range of SOC orientated services to ensure you get optimized performance results

Our Service include:

• SIEM Use cases development
• SIEM optimization
• Customized Use case creation
• SOAR IR playbooks Creation
• Tasks Automation

Customized Awareness and Training

GreyDetect offers Customized trainings & awareness for your employees to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge and skills set. Our service include:

• Corporate & User Awareness
• Learning Management System
• Advanced Pen testing
• Advanced Secure Coding Application
• Cloud Security trainings
• Privacy Trainings
• Incident Handling
• Industry certifications such as CISSP, CCSP, CISM, OSCP,etc.

CyberSecurity Services

Governance & Privacy

These services aim to help you establish you Cyber Security Program and find the risks you have and mitigate them. We offer several services under this stream tailored to your meet your business and cyber security requirements.

Compliance Services

Compliance with cyber security & privacy laws and industry regulations are and shall become more comprehensive over time. Our Compliance services ensures you meet all your cybersecurity compliance requirements with confidence.

Technical Assessment

These services are geared towards assessing and maturing your current cyber security defenses and offense methods. GreyDetect would assess your cloud and on Prem applications, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data in order to assure they are well protected against malicious attacks