Social Engineering

GreyDetects’ social engineering testing assesses your people, processes, and procedures via email phishing, telephone vishing, and onsite attempts to breach physical safeguards.

Our Phishing exercise uses a combination of insider knowledge and the latest trends in phishing to achieve a realistic scenario designed to entice employees into handing over restricted or sensitive information.

Cloud Assessments

GreyDetects Cloud Assessments examine key controls across your entire cloud environment—from Office 365 or Google G Suite systems to complex infrastructure such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Our in-depth, platform specific review of cloud-based application infrastructure includes review of identity and access management, virtual machines, virtual networking, virtual security appliances, data storage, databases, and virtual private clouds.

Penetration Testing

GreyDetect offers below top notch VAPT services in grey or black box mode:

• Vulnerability Assessment
• Mobile Penetration Testing
• Web Application PT
• Cloud Pen Testing
• IOT Assessment

Our Skilled team will find and exploit vulnerabilities residing in your systems, applications or network components

Our Methodologies include OWASP, PTES , OSSTMM and ISSAF

Penetration Testing as a Service

This exclusive service involves year-round testing coverage for fast-growing SaaS companies that want to integrate security into their development pipeline.

This service comprises of

• Multiple pentests
throughout the year
• Advanced threat modeling
• Manual testing by human
• Custom security plan

CyberSecurity Services

Governance & Privacy

These services aim to help you establish you Cyber Security Program and find the risks you have and mitigate them. We offer several services under this stream tailored to your meet your business and cyber security requirements.

Compliance Services

Compliance with cyber security & privacy laws and industry regulations are and shall become more comprehensive over time. Our Compliance services ensures you meet all your cybersecurity compliance requirements with confidence.

Professional Services

Our Professional Service bench includes top level product specialists for all contemporary bestof-breed Cybersecurity products. Our specialized experts shall support and address any ongoing support or maintenance activity required in most time effective manner